These are frames from my video animation TimeStar
     TimeStar is the Name of my second CD and Video animation.  The CD is about an hour long and took about a year-  The video is about 5 and a half minutes and took almost another year.  The music is similar to, but better than Digital Planet (in my opinion anyway).   In the video I set out to animate the last song- a twenty minute piece that takes another musical journey through various mystical lands.   

    Most of the animation was generated in segments by 3D Studio for DOS- which were then assembled into a complete music Video using Adobe Premiere.  The final product is then recorded on SVHS video tape with a Miro DC20- a PCI adapter that allows motion jpeg compressed files to be captured/played back using your computer's hard disk.  In general I was able to do 10 to 20 seconds of animation a week-  The weekend was spent primarily constructing models, making bit maps, setting up the animation, rendering key frames, etc. and then late Sunday night I would let it rip- my computer would  be on 24 hrs. a day cranking out frames (24 bit 640x480 Targa files)- usually it would finish by Tuesday or Wednesday which would give me a crack at another run if something went wrong.   I saw right away my Pentium 120 was never going to make it, so I used to bring my Pentium Pro home from work on Friday night until I finally saved enough to get my own PPro motherboard (and a new case, fan, etc.). 
  I still hope to finish all twenty minutes of the animation-  In fact I've made a start on the 3rd part with using a different renderer- POV, a free text based ray tracer-  However, talk about slowwwww- 3d Studio blazes compared to POV, especially with anti-aliasing on.  I also hope to get a copy of Bryce 3D soon to do another portion. 

     Anyway, I'm offering the 60 minute album (on CD or cassette) along with the video in its current state for sale, because I'm not at all sure if I'll ever actually add to it. The video is already way cool and quite long for an animation, and the music is- well its not a "soundtrack"- the music came first!  If I ever add to the video I'll give anyone who buys the package now the updated video for free- a free upgrade, as it were.         

If you're interested in video/animation etc. here's some links to get you started- 

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