About Steve Verity

   Yes, this is a picture of me trying to look serious-
The pictures of me smiling didn't come out
My "day job" is at E-mu Systems-  A leading manufacturer of Digital Musical instruments.  I spent two years on the DARWIN project- I was the hardware engineer for E-mu's first Digital Audio Recorder.  Now I work in the joint E-mu/Creative Technology center-  As you can guess form the name, this is a joint venture between E-mu Systems and our parent company- Creative Labs- (that's right, the SoundBlaster guys).  Lately I've been on the Windows driver team for the E-mu APS- a new high quality soundcard- synth and HD recorder for multimedia.

Most of my work (Digital Planet) was done with E-mu equipment-  The Morpheus, Ultra Proteus and the E-IV are my "power tools".. I also have a D50 by Roland (shown in the picture).