Discover the Digital Planet - get ready for a journey...


Stand on the banks of the river on the Digital Planet, and prepare to make your voyage, as you step off the bank and float downstream into the mysterious interior of the Digital Planet.  Begin with track one, Tales from a Digital Planet, a half hour long series of interwoven musical vignettes, featuring carefully crafted ambiance- swirling waterscapes, chimes, birds, bells- the wind and the rain- layered with warm floating synthesizer pads, bubbling arpeggios and haunting melodies. 

The journey continues with track two- Forests of Nerid, as you make your way deep into the most remote and untamed parts of the planet.  Experience the strange and wonderful sounds and melodies of the digital planet as they unfold and evolve around you.  The morning draws to a close in track three, Amalthea, a long, slow spacey floater that takes you out into drowsy late afternoon, and finally, resolves into the crashing percussion of a glorious sunset. 

As twilight falls, prepare for the journey out into space as the final tracks, The Ascent parts I and II take you off the planet and deep into the night skies above Digital Planet.  As you conclude your tour you know one thing for sure-  you'll be back often.

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 Review excerpts

 "Warm, flowing and tranquil, but above all, serenely beautiful."
 Paul Cary, Dreams World

"Verity knows his spaceship well, and his electronic compositions are amazingly organic"
LLoyd Barde- Backroads Music

"Stunningly beautiful...  Combines the best of Nik Tyndall, Kitaro and (Verity's) own unique style.  Great Work!"
Glenn Deardorff 

"Powerful and Majestic Stuff"
Archie Patterson Eurock Distribution

Review by  NARPA
Review by Korova Multimedia

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